Nigeria Police Cooperative Housing Estate On Sale

Nigeria Police Cooperative Housing Estate On Sale

The housing section is an off-shoot of Nigeria Police Cooperative Multi-Purpose Society Limited which provide housing scheme to her Cooperators. This section derived her establishment as contained in part 11; section 6 of the Society’s Bye-law 2014 as amended. It provides that theSociety shall “undertake Housing Projects either by developing new estates and constructing new houses or buy over existing estate or houses for allocation to its members”

How to Apply For Cooperative Housing

  1. Must be a voluntary contributor of a minimum monthly contribution of five thousand naira (N5,000)
  2. payment of ten thousand naira (N10,000) as a documentation/form fees
  3. Payment of ten percent initial deposit by ASP above and five percent deposit by inspector below.
  4. Payment of remaining either 90 percent or 95 percent within a period of eighty-four month(7 years)
  5. Upon the completion of the mortgage the final allocation letter will be issued to the off takers.
  6. In case of any default five percent (5%) interest per annum will be charged on the outstanding’s on yearly basis.
  7. Where the off takers retired with the outstanding the outstanding balance shall be recovered from his/her credit balance with the society or recovered from his employment benefit.

List of Cooperative Houses Currently On Sale

1) Water Lake Estate Jibi, behind MD Abubakar Barrack, Dei-dei, Abuja.

3 Bedroom Detached N16M

2 Bedroom Semi-detached  N14.3M

2) Brains and Hammers, life Camp Estate, located at Life Camp and Dei-dei,Abuja.

3 Bedroom block of flat N16M

3 Bedroom fully detached (Deidei) N16M

3)  Ocean Property Limited Karasana, Abuja

3 Bedroom Semi-detached Pent House 26M

3 Bedroom Block of Flat   21M

4) Muhammedu Buhari housing estate, Mowobadagry, lagos.

2 bedroom semi-detached N6.8m

5) Usman Alikali Baba Estate along Abacha Road Mararaba, Nasarawa State.

2 Bedroom Block of Flat N12,000,000

6) Aso Hill Estate, Mararaba, Nasarawa State

2 Bedroom Semi-detached N9.7M

3 Bedroom Semi-detached  N10.4M

4 Bedroom detached N18.8M

4 Bedroom Pent House N25.5M

Goodluck Jonathan Housing Estate, Idimu Lagos

3 Bedroom Block of Flat   N15.6M.